At Apartment Royale we are all about service and our desire to deliver beyond expectation. We know no limit and this philosophy keeps us out in front. We are always working hard to ensure that every one of our serviced apartments in Lagos is maintained to the highest standards, providing executive luxurious accommodation.

We always go the extra mile for all of our guests, tailoring our facilities and service to provide the highest levels of quality across all of our operations.

Our brand is truly at the heart of all we do and every member of the team works to and is rewarded for protecting the integrity and long-term value of the brand.

Delivering Specialists Service

The ONLY place to stay in Lagos. Unparallel locations with tailored service and accommodation to meet the needs of every visitor to Lagos.

Consistent Luxury

Every Apartment Royale guest receives the same first-class service. All our apartments are decorated with high quality fixtures and furnishings.

Exceptional product

Over-delivering on even the smallest promises. A willingness to accommodate every guest need.

Recognising Loyal Customers

Flexible prices based on sustaining customer relationships. Rewarding the loyal customers that stays for long and visit frequently.